The Division Open Beta announced! Xbox One gamers up first!

If you weren’t lucky enough to be involved in the recent Closed Beta for The Division, your pre-release time with the game may be on it’s way! Ubisoft have announced that the Open Beta will begin on February 18th, for Xbox One gamers only!

The others – PS4 and PC gamers – will have to wait an additional 24 hours for their Beta to kick off. Hehe. The Open Beta will then run until February 21st so, you’ll have a few days to get stuck in to the Pandemic-stricken New York City and everything within the seedy underworld that has developed there. Gear up gamers!

The Division is due for full release on Xbox One on March 8th, and if you haven’t pre-ordered it already you can do so right now on the Xbox Store. Get it cheaper with with Xbox Credit from CD Keys!

DLC giving players new maps and brand new items will be delivered at some point during 2016.

If you’ve not caught any trailers recently, here’s one that is sure to get you moist in the pants. Watch it!

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