The Division: Ubisoft Easter Egg

As you progress through the gritty streets of Manhattan, you’ll want to check out the safe house of each areas.

Giving you a save haven from the cleaners, you’ll also find vendors for weapons and gear. You’ll be able to grab a situation update and check the notice board to update the map and open up the location of encounters, side missions and crafting material near by.

But the most impressive Safe hour of all has to be in the penultimate area of the game, Turtle Bay.

This high level (27-28) area wont give you much mercy on the streets, but inside you’ll find Ubisoft offices complete with the iconic logo, a ‘For Honor’ poster and wall murals for ‘Grow Home’.

Take a look at the images below, and if you find any impressive easter eggs let us know at the official Xbox Sector Facebook group.

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