Tournament Builder app released by Gfinity

If Xbox One lacks anything, for me it’s a variety of Apps that add something to the gaming and entertainment experience. With the exception of things like Netflix and YouTube, I barely touch anything else.

Yesterday though, Gfinity, already an established name in eSports events, released a Tournament Builder app which is available for free, right now, and exclusively on Xbox One. This is something that Xbox One needed, and it’s opened up a whole new way of gaming to us all.

Gfinity Tournament Builder Features

Tournament Builder gives players access to the following features;

  • Choose the game you want to build a competition for
  • Select a tournament format (Cup, League, Ladder) and name
  • Pick a tournament template using Gfinity rules or customizing your own
  • Decided whether to make your tournament public or invite only
  • Choose to make it an individual or team tournament and set the number of players
  • Create a dedicated tournament page with brackets and tournament details
  • Invite players and teams to take part in the tournament and accept or reject invites to a tournament
  • Post tournament results immediately online and resolve results conflicts
  • See all your tournaments in My Tournaments
  • View all your fixtures in My Fixture
  • Search for public tournaments or sign up to Gfinity Official tournaments

Sadly you cannot invite players to your created Tournaments via just their Gamertag. That would have been awesome, but there had to be something in this for Gfinity! What that is, is the fact that all tournament participants must create their own Gfinity account, and you can then invite your friends using their Gfinity account usernames. Creating accounts is free, but still, gamertags would have been most peoples ideal.

Creating & Managing Tournaments

Here at Xbox Sector we will be looking to make use of Gfinity for hosting some events of our own, so head over to the App on your console or to create your account ready if you are interested in getting involved!

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