Trackmania Turbo is out now on Xbox One

Racing fans! Take a break from the norm and put Forza 6 on hold for just a second… Trackmania Turbo is out now for Xbox One, and it’s a shift in gear that you need to make!

We all love to win, but some of us like me can’t help but suck at every game. For gamers like me, instead of playing to win we have to do something unusual – we have to play, for fun. I know, it’s insane – and speaking of insane, Trackmania Turbo offers gamers of all ages racing insanity. It’s fast, it’s definitely furious, and above all else it promises to be accessible, which is another way of saying fun for everybody. Take a look a

I honestly didn’t get time to have a crack on the recent closed beta, but I am definitely looking forward to getting some game time with this one – as soon as I can claw myself away from Ubisoft’s other game of the moment, The Division.

Trackmania Turbo is priced at just £29.99 for UK gamers, which sounds like an absolute bargain. You can pick it up digitally on the Xbox One Store by clicking here. If you’re still not convinced, let me leave you with the multiplayer trailer, it’s ridonkulous!

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