Trendy VS Wildcard Studios and the future of Ark: Survival Evolved

We could bore you with all the legal mumbo jumbo like every other gaming fansite you have come across in the past 24 hours, but we won’t. Instead let’s make this news post fun, shall we? Let’s start by saying riding on the back of a dinosaur is completely amazeballs.

Now to make this post all the more uncool, let me tell you that I wrote it yesterday and it has just been automatically published by a post scheduler, because we’re all busy at Insomnia Gaming Festival right now getting neck-deep in some Minecraft Build Battle audiencing. Now let’s get to the news!

Jeremy Stieglitz, a former lead at Trendy Entertainment is the root of the issue apparantly. After falling foul of certain employees at Trendy during his time there he eventually found his way out of the company, with an agreement reached that he would refrain from competing with Trendy for one year – negotiated down from an original three year restriction. However, Trendy have alleged in a lawsuit filed late last year that Stieglitz almost immediately began approaching other Trendy employees attempting to ‘poach’ them, and get them on board a new project of his own.

That new project went on to become what is now Studio Wildcard, the team behind the astronomically successful Steam and Xbox One title, Ark: Survival Evolved. We can’t go any more in-depth on this without touching on all the legal crap that none of us really care about, so we won’t. What we care about right now is the future of Ark: Survival Evolved, if indeed it has a future at all.

The potential outcome of this ongoing litigation process is completely up in the air, and nobody truly knows what is likely to happen. We assume that if Trendy get their way, Ark: Survival Evolved will either cease to exist, or they will reap a hefty proportion of the income it has generated for Studio Wildcard since it’s release. My own personal view is that they will push for the latter, as having Ark: Survival Evolved shut down with it’s established player-base of millions will serve only as a black mark against the name of Trendy as a studio. Gamers are spiteful, and such an outcome would almost certainly damage the potential of future Trendy releases.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation, Ark fans? Leave a comment below and we’ll have a chat!

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