Ubisoft and The Division simulate the end of society

Holy shit! I can start this post in no other way, after just “playing through” a new End of Society Simulator revealed by Ubisoft, on The Division website which aims to give you some kind of insight into just how quickly society as we know it could crumble, if the “right” virus came along.

The Simulator begins by asking you to type in your address. Don’t panic, they’re not going to send you leaflets – it instead spins the globe to your exact location and begins your own personal journey from waking up one day feeling fine, through to global obliteration.

For me it began, “You’re home. A sudden, unbearable pain causes you to faint. Emergency Medical Services take you directly to Northgate Hospital, Great Yarmouth.” Now, if the Northgate Hospital still existed I would have been a little more amazed, but we can’t expect them to know everything. The point is the Simulator starts off by showing you with the virus, and you spreading it right in locations that you know!

It then goes on to give you choices of things such as where to take your prescribed medication. Again it proceeds to show the spread you’re causing, along with the spread those you already infected are causing on their travels too. To be honest it’s pretty damn eerie, yet awesome at the same time. Check out this brief trailer, then carry on below for a direct link to the End of Society Simulator.

You guys really need to give this a go. I won’t spoil it for anyone by revealing any more events, but it gives you a highly personalised look at just what could happen.

Try to End of Society Simulator

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