Unconfirmed Titanfall 2 appears on Gamestop shelves

Titanfall 2 is widely believed to be in development, with devs Respawn Entertainment regularly coy when being questioned on the possibility. However, it seems that gaming retailer Gamestop may already know something that us mere mortals don’t, after one eagle-eyed Twitter user snapped this, clearly showing Titanfall 2 display cases on the top shelve of a Gamestop store.

Is this confirmation? Absolutely not. I could knock up that cover and throw it in a few cases, and this guy could be nothing more than a Gamestop employee trying to kick-start the rumour mill. But in my own humble opinion, not releasing a Titanfall 2 would be completely nonsensical for both EA and Respawn.

Will it come? Yes, most definitely! Is it just around the corner? I’ll leave that for you guys to speculate on. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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