“Winter is coming” – Teases Playground Games…

Forza Horizon 2 had one of the best DLC packs in recent memory. The Storm Island expansion encouraged drivers to leave their vanilla flavoured Lamborghini’s in favour of a more exciting form of racing in the blustery gales of a volcanic island.

Now with Forza Horizon 3 fully released and being heralded as one of the best racing games of this generation, we can fully expect Playground Games to deliver once again with some stellar DLC.

Earlier today Playground Games Tweeted this image with the caption, “Winter is coming”. Now I’m not about the run to HBO about copyright, but this has to mean there is some frosty DLC on the way!


For now we can only speculate on what this teased image can mean, but you can be sure there will be icy conditions and some incredible Alpine views to compliment the new Alpinestars Car Pack now available on the Xbox Live Store! It can also be assumed that this DLC pack will be released near Christmas, because marketing, that’s why!

Xbox Sector, or more specifically I gave Forza Horizon 3 an 8.6/10 for it’s smooth gameplay and breathtaking visuals. A definite must have for all racing fans.


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