Xbox rocked by unexpected down time

Little over 4 hours ago on Twitter, the Xbox Support team acknowledged the fact that many users have been experiencing a number of problems with their Xbox and it’s Xbox Live services today.

While the team are yet to suggest what the reason for these issues could be, they insist their engineers are on the case and expect things to be resolved fairly soon. Having said that, 4 hours on, the issues are still present for most. Here’s a quick capture of the Service Status page as it stands right now. As you can see, for many of us, the Xbox One console is pretty much a dust-gathering brick for this evening and nothing more with issues in all areas.


Some three hours after their original tweet on the subject, the Xbox Support team again maintained that the problems are being worked on, whilst again neglecting to say what’s going on behind the scenes:

It’s just one of those days ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! You can keep an eye on the Xbox Live Service Status right here! Does anyone have a Tamagotchi I can borrow?

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