Zombie Vikings Crosses the Fjord to Launch on Xbox One

Stick It To The Man developer Zoink! Games has sent through word that they’re currently polishing up a port of their side-scrolling adventure Zombie Vikings for Xbox One.

The game, which was previously released on PC and PlayStation 4, will be launching on Xbox One later this year and will contain a whole host of bonus content. Included in the Xbox One version at launch will be the Raybjörn character DLC, Frostbjörn character DLC, a behind-the-scenes “Making Of” video, five bonus versus levels and Raz from Psychonauts, who’s re-imagined as Raz-ombie.

On top of that, the Xbox One edition will include console-specific features, such as Hero Stats and unlockable achievement wallpapers. All of the content from the “Majör Update” (including Oink the unicorn pig) will be in there from the start too, of course.

Zombie Vikings will launch on Xbox One later this year, though we’re trying to find out a narrower release window than that for you.

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