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Tyler: Model 005 is a 3D action platformer game, its set in the 1950s and primarily focuses around the journey of Tyler, a tiny robot who has just awaken from being powered down for quite some time. After a thunderstorm miraculously powers him up once again, after striking the house in which he was in, you’re tasked with the objective of figuring out what happened to your creator and the house in which you both resided in.

Personally I didn’t find my experience with Tyler Model 005 to be that great, its a pleasant game with a cute approach and story… but that just wasn’t enough for me. I didn’t find the game overall to be that engaging, the combat and overall gameplay felt quite bland and repetitive and It failed to immerse me in its universe which ultimately dampened my experience with the game. It made diving into optional objectives a chore, more so due to the fact that they aren’t required and do nothing to boost the story forward, sure it gives you the means to access further upgrades but in a game which those themselves feel quite lost, it doesn’t make me want to invest additional time into earning them. Tyler is an exploration game, but I feel that it fails to capitalise on that, none of the areas I ventured into made me want to look around and discover every little nook and cranny possible.

Tyler as a character didn’t control overly well and I found that this made traversing some of the games environments more difficult than it needed to be. Combat as a whole felt quite lifeless and when using a default melee attack there was no noise when a connection was made with an enemy, little details like these go a long way and when forgotten I feel that it hinders it from standing out as much or making a good impression.

As previously mentioned, there are additional tasks you can do in the game to earn points for upgrades, even this mode seemed to be quite unpolished, there appears to be little logic in regards to how they attack and appear to just do as they please, this sort of approach led me to using some lack lustre tactics to deal with these sections and that itself was enough to put me off even more. I think the final nail in the coffin for me was the mechanic surrounding Tyler’s battery life, it often felt that it drained far too quickly often resulting in me dying right before passing an objective over and over.

Gameplay - 4
Graphics - 5
Sound - 5
Story - 4
Value - 5


I've only played the Xbox One version of Tyler, so I can't comment or compare it to the PC version. I can't say I'd recommend picking Tyler for the Xbox up, as it stands it feels like it doesn't quite meet my expectations of a solid modern platformer game. Some of the younger players out there may enjoy Tyler, but I can't say it's everyone's cup of tea. It's a relatively cheap asking price here in the U.K of £7.99, so it may one for the kids but even then I cannot say for certain that it would be well received.

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